Getting Landing Page Advice on Reddit

Getting Landing Page Advice on Reddit

Waitlisty has been live for almost a month now. But I'm still not seeing any new sign-ups, let alone conversions. So, I started thinking, "maybe it's my landing page". There are tons of build-in-public groups across the socials. I posted my landing page on Twitter and asked for some advice, but the algorithm isn't really boosting my content there yet. So the next thing I tried was posting in the r/SideProject subreddit. Holy moly, it exploded with views!

I posted on a Saturday morning and by the end of the day, the post had over 17,000 views and 44 responses. Here's the post:

99% of the feedback received was incredible. There were a few comments that I needed clarification on, but overall the responses were awesome. r/SideProjects os one of the few subreddits where self-promotion of your side projects is allowed and encouraged. So long as you contribute to the community by providing feedback to other peoples' projects and posts.

Some key takeaways were:

  1. I need to include how much the pro version of Waitlisty actually costs.

  2. The "get started for free" CTA that leads to the registration screen isn't very "friendly". I'm considering adding some kind of onboarding flow that mimics the beginnings of waitlist creation. Collect the URL for the project, maybe their company logo, and then get them to register.

  3. Some folks weren't completely sure what Waitlisty is for. Is it for physical products? Is it for digital products? Is it for both? Who can use this? What can they use it for? I need to add a section of some use cases for a waitlist like this.

Overall, the Reddit post this weekend really lit a fire and I'm very thankful to all of those who gave feedback. I spent most of Saturday evening making tweaks to the landing page and thinking of other channels where I can cold-DM folks that I think might need a product like this.

There's nothing super technical happening right now in the world of Waitlisty. Just trying to get my first 100 users!

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