I'm a Builder. I Need to Become a Marketer.

I'm a Builder. I Need to Become a Marketer.

Marketing is hard

When I started on the journey of building Waitlisty, I was psyched. "I'm going to build this thing and it's going to be awesome. I love building. I'm a builder." Launch day has come and gone. After 3 weeks, Waitlisty is still sitting at 4 signups and 0 paid users. I'm learning that I need to shift my mindset from builder to marketer.

I'm very much an introvert. Interacting with humans for over 10 minutes exhausts me more than running a marathon. But it's something that has to be done. There's no way that your SaaS will succeed if you don't talk to people about it. I didn't build Waitlisty in public, but I'm improving Waitlisty in public. Twitter has been a great avenue for getting feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. @ScottPlusPlus posted a tweet asking fellow hackers to post their landing pages for feedback and the feedback I received was awesome! It was just one human helping another human.

I'm going to really lean into getting my first active user between now and the end of February 2024. One user. One user. We need to start somewhere.

The next thing on my list

I also have something on the back burner that I'd like to start building in public - an "Areas of Responsibility" tracker and dashboard for small startups. The problem I'm trying to solve here is that spreadsheets and notion databases get stale. No one really seems to know who owns what. People move teams, people leave companies, and projects die. We struggle with this at my current 9-5 day job. And I want to build a simple solution to help keep these things up to date and help with the transparency of who owns what. More on that later.

That's all I have today. Peace out. ✌️

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